I am THE original creator of the phenomenal Jelly-Roll Rug patterns & world-wide craze! (which all began in 2016) and also the L.O.L. Quilt Series patterns (2021).

I am a daughter of a beautiful seamstress Mom and inventive, hard working Dad (he could have been the original MacGyver)

I've been using a sewing machine since the age of 3. My Mum used to put a bobbin in the foot controller so that it wouldn't go down too far and go too fast! (maybe the 1st sewing machine speed control)

When I started 7th grade, I had made ALL my back-to-school clothes.

I started quilting in 1979 as the quilting world was being brought back to life, due in part of the World Fair in Chicago, because no one outgrew a quilt and it fulfilled all my creative cravings. 

I’m blessed that at a very young age, I was able to practice a skill that has carried me through all the ups and downs of life.  A special talent and hobby that brings me such great JOY. I love to create and design and started publishing original patterns, on a small scale in 1996.

I love to travel... anywhere, anyway, anytime! I'm crazy about my partner-in-crime husband, my 3 adult children and my 8 GrandBuddies!