Jelly Roll Tube Maker
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Jelly Roll Tube Maker

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The Strong, Sturdy & Durable Jelly Roll Tube Maker will ease the sometimes tedious & painful folding process of creating the fabric & batting tubes.

This bias tape maker was designed specifically for us, the designer of the original "Jelly-Roll Rug"! It is sized and configured to accommodate Jelly Roll strips and the 2.25 or 2.5 inch wide Katahdin On-A-Roll batting.

It folds and holds the fabric in the correct position. It can cut your tube making process in HALF! You'll get a more accurate and precise fold making the width of the tube uniform.

Jelly Roll Tube Maker makes it easy to sew your Jelly-Roll Rug & other projects by doing the folding work for you.

See the amazing demo here:
You Tube Video


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